Scott Fairchild

Scott Fairchild

About Me

Microsoft certified IT professional with 20+ years of real-world, hands-on experience. Proficient in handling multiple projects and ensuring their successful completion. Architected and supported numerous OS migration and other IT projects for a wide array of clients, from small businesses with less than 500 users, to large global enterprises with over 100,000 users. Proficient in multiple programming languages which were used to automate backend systems and create custom user interfaces.


Windows 10/11 I have architected numerous Windows 10/11 migration solutions and customized Windows 10/11 to meet client specific requirements. I am Microsoft certified on Windows 10.
Microsoft Configuration Manager I have architected numerous ConfigMgr/SCCM task sequences to deploy Windows 7, 10 and 11. The task sequences were fully automated and configured for Zero-Touch deployments. I have also created Lite-Touch deployment task sequences. I am Microsoft Certified on ConfigMgr/SCCM.
Automation I have created numerous programs to automate manual tasks related to user data backup/restore, Windows 10/11 image customizations, software deployment and many other tasks
Adaptability I have been put in many situations where I needed to adapt to the job at hand. I always take the challenge head on and do my best to achieve the desired outcome
Goal Oriented As with any project, you need to have a clear set of defined goals in order to succeed. The same holds true in my professional and personal life
Self-Improvement I am constantly learning new technologies and staying current on existing technologies

Management Kudos

Often we head off for the holidays and think that it is the last we will hear from work until we return, refreshed and ready to start a new year. Alas, all too often this is not the case in Practice – and I am often calling my team to ask for help to resolve critical issues. For whatever reason it seems to be only them that can resolve an issue. I am fortunate to have such an accommodating team – regardless of when I text or call – I hear back from them and for the most part – they are on the call within 15 minutes and working through the issues helping to find the solution.

I would like to call out Scott Fairchild, who jumped on a call ten minutes after I contacted him when <Client> was requesting escalation to a Sev 1 issue and getting very upset that they could not deploy their software. I texted Scott when he was enjoying down time with his family and he immediately joined the call – suggesting that the issue had probably occurred because an incorrect serial number had been added to the database. His diagnosis proved correct and he was able to work with the team to resolve the issue. Had Scott not made himself available, the issue would have been escalated and we would likely have taken longer to get to a resolution – damaging client confidence in the process.

I tend to take the team for-granted – just expecting that they will be there whenever I need them – and that they will step up and resolve any issue that occurs. I suppose I think of them as Super Heroes – especially Scott – who has taken numerous courses to become expert in many different MS technologies and scripting – doing whatever is necessary to deliver a workable solution for the client. They are very good natured about it – and very accommodating – but I do know that they would all like things to be a little calmer.

I want to thank Scott for always stepping in – for being very accommodating and for making things work. He is the ultimate Mr Fixit – the guy who can figure out what is required to make a solution work – the one who can script almost anything – despite not being a programmer – and who seems to be Superman when it comes to learning new technologies. He is a great asset to the team and always willing to tell us what we have done wrong and what we need to do in order to fix it. We need more like Scott – willing to go out of his way to do his job – and willing to step in where others fail to do theirs…. Without complaint ( well too much ) and without hesitation. I am privileged to have him in the team and look forward to yet another year of great success.

Thanks Scott – I appreciate your always being there in my hour of need – and I wanted to give the rest of the team the chance to say thanks as well.

Client Kudos

We would like to take a moment to recognize and thank Scott, a World Class Professional, for the outstanding work he has done for us. Scott has designed and overseen several Service Improvement Plans that have improved the efficiency and health of our End-Point Environment. His dedication to excellence is truly impressive, and his hard work is deeply appreciated. We are grateful for all the efforts Scott has put in and we look forward to continuing to benefit from his expertise and experience. Thank you, Scott, for all you do!

I’m the infrastructure manager at <Client> and wanted to let you know we very much appreciated Scott Fairchild’s work. I found Scott to be a true MECM\SCCM SME and in many cases surpassing the Microsoft engineers. Scott’s contributions to <Client> MECM project have been invaluable. Scott participated in all areas of MECM but is his contributions to the imaging and reporting processes were especially outstanding.

Thank you so much for allowing Scott to help us. Scott’s corrected many high priority outstanding issues and is a pleasure to work with. He is a true World Class Professional.

It is with great appreciation that I send this e-mail Mr. Capell; this is in reference to one of your staff Mr. Scott Fairchild. I have been experiencing a problem getting into Kronos for 2 weeks now with several highly technical personnel attempting to resolve this. This problem was rather upsetting to me until Scott came into the picture, not only does he have ultimate customer service skills and very patient; he is very gifted with the technical area. There were a team of 4 guys who could not figure out my problem but Scott came to the rescue in full speed. He is the hero of the day. Kudos to you for your highly skilled personnel.

Giving Back

With all the OS deployment consulting engagements I perform, I needed a tool that accurately documented MDT/SCCM task sequences. Since there is nothing built in to MDT/SCCM, and there was nothing on the internet, I wound up developing my own tool. During Microsoft Ignite 2016 I made the tool available to the IT community.

A link to the tool was included in a follow up Blog Post by one of the presenters, Johan Arwidmark.

I also created a Blog Post detailing the tool. The tool itself can be accessed by clicking on the Task Sequence Documenter menu item on this page.

When running a Zero-Touch SCCM/MECM/MDT imaging Task Sequence, it is common for the configuration data that is needed to enable Zero-Touch deployments to be stored in the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) database. Normally MDT is configured to access the database directly, but there are times this is not allowed, or desired. To get around this, I created a web service clients can call instead. The tool is available for free in this Blog Post

With all the task sequence development work I do, I created a tool that parses the task sequence logs to easily find issues. The tool is available for free in this Blog Post