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How to Document SCCM/MECM/MDT Task Sequences

Created by Scott Fairchild on May 16, 2021

Since I work for a global IT company, I am often brought into a client environment to design, remediate or improve upon their current Windows 10 imaging and deployment process.

I analyze everything related to imaging and deploying Windows 10, including the task sequence.

Figuring out the logic of a task sequence you didn't develop is a challenge because you are constantly switching between the Properties tab and the Options tab to see if the group/step has any restrictions. It also requires physical access to the SCCM/MECM/MDT console so you can view the task sequence.

During the assessment phase, I usually only go onsite to the client for a day or two. This created challenges for me because when I'm onsite, I just gather data, and then once back in my office I analyze it.

With all the OS deployment consulting engagements I perform, I needed a tool that accurately documented MDT/SCCM/MECM task sequences. Since there is nothing built in to MDT/SCCM/MECM, and there was nothing on the internet that was accurate, I wound up developing my own tool. During Microsoft Ignite 2016 I made the tool available to the IT community.

You can access the tool by clicking on the Task Sequence Documenter link in the menu, or by going to the following URL

If you are unsure how to export just the task sequence XML, I have provided instructions on the Help page.

As you can see from the below screen shot, every step is listed along with any conditions the group/step may have. This makes it much easier to understand, troubleshoot and improve task sequences

Task Sequence

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